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What our clients say about us


Flexi Paycard

I must admit this is very good and suitable. Your turn around has been quicker than I initially thought!

Event Updater

You went beyond our expectations! Well done mooz-link.


Able UK Security

Timely and professional.


St Annes PRU

Just what we were looking for.


Rollers Club

Well Dome


AO Connections

Thank you!


Njiiris Jua Kali TV

Timely and professional.


Sabastian Magacha

OMG!!!! I LOVE IT, IT LOOKS HOT!!! I REALLY REALLY LUV IT!!! Job well done. Thats absolutely great...


Neena Richie

Oh thank God, at last i found someone who really knows what i am talking about! Thank you!



Spot on! and very quick & efficient. you made just My Dream come true!


ZimOnline Radio

Thank you mooz-link



well done mooz-link


Visions radio

excellent quality



excellent quality


Pulle & Co.

good quality and timely


Pretty Poet

...seeing all of this in front of my eyes is really exciting and having such a beautiful professional website I know is boosting my brand and confidence as an artist. My dream really is becoming a reality!


The Lipstick Lounge

Thank you mooz-link .


Lean Healthy Cuisine

Reliable & professional



Reliable and Excellent work.

Excellent service and prompt delivery.


Martynsrose Solicitors

Excellent and spot-on.



Slick design, we have been looking for this for long.



Democrats Kenya

Excellent service, prompt delivery


Aaabacus Group

Thank you for the job well done.


Educated Horizon

Good and reliable.



Excellent service, prompt delivery, very good PR and fair costings.


atj safaris

Well done

ND Murphy

Prompt and excellent service


Building Chemicals Specialists

Outstanding work, have gone an extra mile for our company despite my limited IT knowledge. 100% trustworthy.



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To get the most from the web you must have a website that lives and breathes your brand and the message you wish to communicate.

With experience and skill, & Levels Internet can combine the correct design elements to produce the much needed synergy between design and functionality. At every step we focus on your goals, and how best to achieve them through cutting edge technology, design and development.


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GET A QUOTE TODAY! & Levels Internet - designers for the web, e-commerce web site solutions , database development, branding and logo development, flash, multimedia development, search engine optimization, web hosting, website design strategy. We will give your company the edge it needs, leveraging the new technologies. Our goal is to help your company to increase sales. & Levels Internet knows that a website with a well conceived graphic design, clear navigation and rich content will play a key role in helping you to land new customers. By providing better information and enhancing your company's image you increase your chance of generating more sales opportunities.

We also host and maintain websites - updates, additions, changes and most importantly, search engine analysis and submission of the pages that make up your website.

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    Website - New Designs, re-Designs & Development.

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    Website Hosting - reliable 99.9% uptime

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    E-Commerce Solutions - 247 Online shops


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